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I decided to take a break from the frogging, and, following on from getting rid of the WIPs in the corner, I decided to cull the boxes in the cupboard.

The floor of the sitting room now looks like Hurricane Sandy did a quick detour through my place. Where there’s a chance I will make the piece, the chart and anything useful has been retained and has been put away. Two carrier bags of wotsits have been dumped into the rubbish bin. Partially completed pieces, offshoots of thread I will never workout what colour they are, small squares of fabric (usually linen) I know I wont use.

I suppose I could have put some of the items up for sale, on ebay or whatever, but few of them were complete, most had been opened and I never pay full prices for anything! So I’m not worried about any loss I may have made on anything I’ve thrown out. I do however feel a lot better and lighter, and perhaps will make me a little more inspired going forward on things!

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