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For those who follow this blog, it can be of no surprise that I’ve not been updating it recently.  I have been focussing on another site (, and I am now looking at utilising that site more, with transferring information from here to over there.


I’ll let you know when done, and will invite you to join me over there any time!


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I’ve never considered myself to be a particularly good drawer/sketcher/whatever. Ok, I can produce something that looks vaguely like what it’s supposed to be, but would never consider myself to be particularly good.

Once in a while I do get an urge to carry a sketchpad and pencils around with me, and have several lying around, but never actually get around to using it, and producing something.

Lynne Butt has written an article about using sketchbooks for her needlework, and how she can get more pleasure out of playing with the sketching than the actual finished item!

So what about you? Do you use sketchbooks, either for fun or as part of your creative cycle?

Top Tips to Maintaining Your Artist’s Blog


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Another post out of TextileArtist with suggestions about how, and why you should maintain your blog once you get going.

It links through to one of their other pages, which gives you a list of 50 post suggestions.  I am going to take “heal thyself” into consideration and go through this list properly myself at some point!

One of the suggestions the article makes is to include an image, photo etc – I can find loads of websites proproting “free” images, when in reality they mean “royalty free” or “free if you pay us $x in download fees”. Where does anyone get their images from? (bar making them themselves!)

Embroidery books


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Considering my love of both reading and sewing it seems rare that the twain meet, at least in non-fiction terms.

However I found a new-to-me site this morning called “Textile Artist” who has two posts on “The best hand embroidery books” (which I read as “hand embroidered” to start with!).

Post one

Post two


Do you agree with the choices? Do you have any of these books, or do you have others that you use and love?

I do have a chunk of craft books, mostly on sewing, sitting on their own bookshelf in my place, but right now they’re not looked at from one month to the next. I do plan to do some posts on them in the future, along some kind of theme, to remind myself of what I have, if nothing else!

Patterns or Freestyle?


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When making something do you follow a pattern or do it freestyle?

I tend to follow a pattern, from a book, magazine, individual pattern etc.  I have a whole stash of source materials, far too many to realistically achieve in a single lifetime, but as usually, that does little to prevent me from getting more when I see an item I like!

I have managed to stop purchasing the vast majority of books, magazines etc. My main source I haven’t been able to resist is from the internet – often when on a website, I see if there are patterns from a designer I like and if I fancy one, will “accidently” pick one up!

I’m not conformable doing freestyle work – I’m not that way inclined!



New Wip – Jeanne Ries Sampler



And this is the wip that I – perhaps foolishly – have decided to do next on some really fine Aida jeanneries

I’ve brought from both this designer and this website before. Their website does come in English (albeit with an occasionally but delightfully non-native English speaker’s translation).

I am sure that I have stitched and shared something else by this designer, and will dig out a picture of something else I’ve done by this house…..

Completion and new WIP


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I have a piece that I completed on the weekend – or at least I thought I had! I ironed it in order to take a photo, and spotted a few stitches that I hadn’t completed. This always happens, and I really should learn not to pack everything away until I’ve washed and ironed everything and checked it all over.
However I have still taken a picture and will post a picture up in due course. This is the My Big Toe Maskerade design that I’ve posted about previously and have lost count of the number of times I’ve had to frog the bottom corner. Unfortunately it’s one of those patterns where even one stitch out is really evident as nothing joins up in the end…….

I’ve already started another wip – 1st attempt I started on a piece of fabric that I worked out would be too small, so restarted the piece on a piece of Aida, which I think is 18ct. I haven’t worked on Aida this fine in ages, and I’m worried that I will struggle with seeing it. I do have a magnifying glass somewhere that can be clipped to the side of a frame, but have no idea where it is!
It seems that if in doubt, I revert to doing letter samplers, even though I already have done loads in the past. They must attract me at some level, more than any other type of work

So what project are you working on at the minute? Sewing, knitting or any sort of yarn work?

To Zen(tangle) or Not to Zen?


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I’ve heard about Zentangle® on and off over the years and a friend has recently come across it and is just branching out into investigating it more.

When I heard it before I got the impression (rightly or wrongly) that for a drawing technique, there seemed to be a lot of proprietary/specialised kit required in order to do it “properly”. Seems I wasnt too far off, for when checking out the Tanglepatterns website – seems if you dont to it *exactly* to the right size of tile etc, you can only call it “inspired by” doodling.  Many initial Tangles, are, of course, available to purchase. Copyright statements are all over the Tanglepatterns website so I cant even give you an image to tempt you without the risk of getting slapped 3 ways from autumn.

So what does everyone else think? Heard of it? Love it? hate it? Thinking “what?”


Cross stitch Wip


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my big toe wipJ Just to show you my current wip, which is a My Big Toe design called “Masquerade (mBT-52) . It’s been hanging around for ages, and I’ve done a shed load of frogging on it, especially in the bottom right corner.

However, I seem to have gotten over my counting blindness, and am well on the way to completion as you can see. It’s not long before I’ve done the bulk of it and will be checking it over for the bits I”ve missed. I’ll get it washed, pressed and ready to go soon!


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